Z Type Sheet Piling

Sheet pile

The cold-formed steel sheet pile is formed by continuously cold-bending deformation of the steel strip to form a Z-shaped, U-shaped, and other shape cross-section, which can be connected to each other through an interlock.

Cold-formed steel sheet piles are widely used in civil engineering, such as deep foundation pit support for soft foundations and high groundwater levels. Its advantage is to simplify the construction process. 

Z Type Sheet Products

Compared to U type sheet piles, Z Type Sheet Piling could provide a larger section modulus with lower material cost (lower weight), which is much more economic than traditional U sheet piles. One advantage of Z Type Sheet Piling is that during installation, the flange of the pile will be on the same line, which will be very convenient for the installation of waling beams.

Z Type Sheet Piling could be delivered in single pile, double pile (loose) and double pile with tack welding(crimped)/full welding form. 

Product Production Range:

Thickness: 4-16mm

Length: Not limited, as per buyer's request.

Now 800mm and 850mm wide Z Type Sheet Piling are available in our mill, which will provide certain section modulus with a lower unit weight per square meter. Customized designs are also available and welcomed in our company.

Coating and anti-corrosion job is also available for Z Type Sheet Piling in our mill.

Material: Q235B, Q345B, S235, S240, SY295, S355, S430, S460, A690, ASTM A572 Grade 50, ASTM A572 Grade 60. All Chinese Standard, EN Standard, ASTM Standard and other standard material are available on request.

Manufacturing & Inspection Standard: EN10249-1 / EN10249-2

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