SSAW Steel Pipe Piles

We have been equipped with three sets of SSAW Steel Pipe Piles production lines for Φ219~Φ3200mm, with an annual production capacity of 200,000 tons. The products are widely used in piling, bridge and steel structure related industries.

All the production lines are equipped with on-line UT machine. Manual UT, MT, RT and hydrostatic test are all available upon clients' request.

Pile shoes, shearing rings and pipe coating are all available in our mill.

SSAW Pipe Pile

Spiral welded pipe is made by rolling a low-carbon carbon structural steel or a low-alloy structural steel strip into a tube blank at a certain spiral angle, then welding the pipe seam. Larger diameter steel tubes can be produced from narrower strips. Its advantages are shown as followed:

  1. Steel tubes of different diameters can be produced using strips of the same width, and narrow strips can be used to produce large diameter steel tubes.

  2. Under the same pressure condition, the stress of the spiral weld is less than that of the straight seam, which is 75% to 90% of the straight seam welded pipe, so it can withstand large pressure. Compared with the straight seam welded pipe with the same outer diameter, the wall thickness can be reduced by 10% to 25% under the same pressure.

  3. The dimensions are accurate. Generally, the diameter tolerance does not exceed 0.12%, the deflection is less than 1/2000, and the ellipse is less than 1%. 

  4. Continuous production can be carried out, which can increase the metal utilization rate by 6% -8%.

  5. Compared with the straight seam welded pipe, it is flexible in operation and easy to change and adjust.



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