OZ Combined Wall

OZ Combined Wall 

These walls consists of Pipe pile and double Z pile, which will provide high section performance in marine projects, especially the shipyard, harbor and port construction projects, where they require very long piles. The pipe pile has been equipped with two interlocks to connect the sheet piles. We offer our clients with cold-rolled interlocks to connect our own cold-rolled sheet piles and hot-rolled interlocks to connect other suppliers' hot-rolled sheet piles.

OZ Combi-walls 

The OZ Combi-wall System, also called Tubular Combi-wall System, is composed of pipe, cold-rolled or hot-rolled C9 connectors, and SLZ intermediary sheet pilings. The interlocks are welded to the pipe to connects the pipe to the sheet pile. The pressure is transferred to the pipe from SLZ sheet pile. Pipe piles in Tubular Combi-wall System usually have large diameters to retain members and bear vertical loads. Sheet piles are usually shorter than the pipe piles because they are designed to retain earth and transfer load. We can produce both hot-rolled and cold-rolled connectors to satisfied different requirements.


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