HZ Composite Wall

HZ Composite Wall

The walls consists of H pile and double Z pile, which will provide high section performance in marine projects, especially the shipyard, harbor and port construction projects, where they require very long piles.

The H pile includes welded H beam and a straight web pile welded onto its top. The dimensions of our welded H beams are various for your selection. The straight web pile looks like a hat on the H beam, forming the interlocking system.

HZ Composite Wall can be divided into following forms: 

  1. Double H Pile which means H pile connects with Hh pile through interlocking system.

  2. H Pile with double Z pile.

  3. Double H pile with double Z pile.

 Remark: The Z sheet pile could be replaced with U pile and omega pile upon buyer's request.

SLHZ Combi-walls 

SLHZ Combi-wall system fulfills two different structural functions: retaining members for soil and hydrostatic pressures and bearing piles for vertical loads. The interlocks are welded to the H king pile to connects the H king pile to the sheet pile. The sheet piles are usually shorter than the H king piles combined together. 

The king piles are designed to carry substantial vertical loads in addition to the normal bending loads. They are widely used in port constructions and deep foundations because of their high bending resistance and stiffness. 

The outstanding feature of the SLHZ Combi-wall system is the extensive range of possible combinations. We can design for our customers according to their requirements.


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